No email posting?

May 6, 2008

I may be re-hosting my blog. I’m a bit frustrated at not being able to do email posts, so it’s limiting my access to posting during this period when my time is precious.

3 Responses to “No email posting?”

  1. lifeonward said

    I like your new blog format!

  2. Jane said

    someone is still reading my blog 😦 I’m sorry I’m spare about posting. Been dealing with hives, diet, diverticulitis, acupuncture, etc. It’s all been giving me new wonderfulness in my life, as I’m discovering more and more about tai chi and acupuncture and the power in my chi. I will write about it, but first I need to decide whether to keep this blog or not. I find that not having email posting is limiting my ability to write spontaneous posts while here at work.

    I think I may move to blogger. I will post if/when I move.

  3. Ned said

    Hey Jane,

    Just checking in. How’s it going?

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