Master Ou

March 8, 2008

I had a profound experience the other day that I think has changed my life.

I’ve been taking a tai-chi class for the past month or so.  One of my chiropractors (they are a husband/wife business) suggested doing tai-chi for my back, so I found and signed up for an adult ed class.  That was about a month ago, so we’ve had about 4 or 5 classes.

My tai-chi teacher talks about energies that move through your body.  I once asked her if the energies she talks about are real physical energies, or some sort of mumbo-jumbo touchy-feely new-age sort of spiritual energies.  She said that they were real, measurable energies.  I keep looking for these feelings of energy and think that I feel hints of it, but have never really felt anything truly distinct.

A couple of weeks ago, my tai-chi instructor sent out email that there was a special healer, Master Wen Wei Ou coming, and that anyone who was interested could sign up to meet with this healer for a 15-minute session.  I don’t have anything in particular to heal, so I wasn’t terribly interested, but still thought eh, what the heck, why not.  So I signed up.

My healing session was last Thursday in my teacher’s acupuncture office.  I waited in a room with about 4 other people who were sitting around chatting in very hushed voices.  The room was filled with the aroma of oranges.  There was a large bowl of about 30 orange on a side table, and a small refrigerator with some bottles of water on top.  It was a tiny room, about the size of a small bathroom.

I was nervous.  Which one of my many ailments should I talk to him about?  Nothing was significantly worth mentioning.  The cost of the treatment was $60 for a session.  What would I talk about that would optimize my 15 minutes?  I debated it all day with myself.  I asked my teacher before class and also in the waiting room, “What should I tell him?  should I talk about specific problems?  general stuff?  mental?  physical?  What should I say so I can focus him and not spread him too thin?”

“Don’t worry about it.  Tell him whatever you want,” she answered both times.

“What should I expect?”

“Don’t expect anything.  He’s nice.  Don’t worry.”

I waited in the waiting room with mild jitters.  A tall, thin Asian man stepped out of a room and out of the crowd of 4 people looked directly at me and gestured me over.  I pointed at myself and cocked my head, eyebrows raised in a “moi?” sort of gesture.  He nodded.  (Speaking of cocks, one of my dogs is masturbating in front of me as I write this. why do male dogs have to do such disgusting things?  Must he do this in my office?  Back to the story…)

I follow the tall thin Asian into a small room.  A middle-aged Asian man sits in a metal folding chair in the center of the room facing the door.  He is Master Ou. He holds his hand out towards an empty metal folding chair which faces him, about 2 feet away.  “Sit down” the tall thin one tells me.  I’ll call him Bert, for want of a better name.

Bert proceeds to sit in a chair to the side, facing the Master Ou and me.  It turns out Bert is the translator.  Master Ou speaks to Bert.  “He asks how your health is,” Bert says to me.

“Ok,” I say.  Bleh, after worrying about it all day, this is what ends up popping out of my mouth.

“Ok” doesn’t need translation.  The Master Ou chuckles.  “Ok” he says back to me, smiling.  He has a few wrinkles on his cheeks and short hair.  He wears a light blue short-sleeved button-down shirt and a pair of what look like tan Dockers pants.  He doesn’t look like a revered healer, he looks like some Hawaiian native, about to step out for 18 holes.  I expected an ancient Chinese man with a braided pony tail wearing a monk’s robe.

“Just sit back and relax” Bert tells me.  I sit back in my chair.  Master Ou moves to the front edge of his chair with each leg out to the side, leans towards me, and begins waving his hands.

“WHAM, KABOOM! KERBLOWEE!”  Each wave of his hands sends seismic tidal waves of electricity through my body that I’ve never ever ever in my entire life felt before.

“HOLY GODDAMN BEJEZUS-FUCKING-BATSHIT!!” I want to jump out of my chair and scream.  The energy is like zillions of infinitessimally tiny beings entering my body and rushing through my torso, filling it and circling, creating a humongous swirling ball of energy in one huge stream.  Every cell in my body is being hit with tiny lightning bolts.

My intellect tells me, Relax.  Don’t tense up or you’ll stop the waves.  As I sit there, the outside of me is in meditation position — sitting relaxed, eyes slightly open, keeping my mind clear of chatter.  The inside of me is smashed against a wall — pinned, suspended, being held up with just this constant, rushing tidal wave of energy.  He’s not even touching me.

I resist the intense urge to collapse onto the floor in one weeping heap.

After fifteen minutes of this, where I’m thinking don’t stop, oh please don’t stop, not yet… he stops.  He says something in Chinese.   “He says your left brain and your left bladder are tired,” Bert tells me.

I’ve been overworked, stressed out, freaking out at John…  that diagnosis was right on the mark.  “Should I seek treatment for my tired bladder?”

He speaks to Master Ou and turns back to me, “he says no need to do anything about the bladder.  If something significant happens, then you can seek treatment, but for now, it’s mild.  No need to do anything.”

“Will my making my left brain less tired help my bladder?”

“He says yes, that may help.”

“How can I make my left brain less tired?”

“He asks if you are going to his workshop next Sunday.  He’s teaching something that may help you.”

“Yes, I will go to his workshop then.”  I stand up and bow to Master Ou and then to Bert.  I’m overwhelmed with a sense of deference towards Master Ou.  He nods to me.

“I will see you next Sunday then,” I tell him.

“Yes,” he says to me, directly this time.

I leave, and my teacher is in the waiting room.

“How was it?” she asks me.

“It was….  wow.”  No words can do justice to the experience.

We chat for a bit, and she tells me, “If you keep practicing your tai-chi, you will begin to feel what you felt today.  He didn’t transfer that energy to you, he just enabled you to activate what was already inside of you.  Do your tai-chi slowly — much slower than we do in class.  We only do it quickly because of the time constraints.  When you practice at home, do it much more slowly, and see if you can begin to feel this energy.”

That was two days ago.  Since then, I’ve done my tai-chi practice much more slowly.  I’m beginning to feel the “energy” that she speaks of.  Even in my meditating I feel a difference.  I’m more often reaching meditation states where I don’t want to move, I don’t want to end the meditation practice because I find myself in such a state of harmony.  Maybe these lingering effects are temporary.  Maybe tomorrow they’ll be gone, who knows.

I always disliked the phrase “cancer makes you a better person” because cancer just simply sucks beans, no ifs-ands-or-buts.  When you’re going through treatments it’s damned hard to associate anything positive with the experience, and to hear someone else saying that phrase is demoralizing.  It feels like it’s devaluing your suffering.  Still, today, seven years after my cancer treatments, I can’t deny that my cancer has made me a better person.  Cancer made me suspend my beliefs towards everything in the world that I knew to be true; made me more open to any possibility; made me much less sure of the existence of one absolute truth, one absolute RIGHT explanation to the meaning of life and how it works.  If it weren’t for my cancer, I never would have started meditating;  I never would have become interested in holistic things; I never would have gone to these chiropractors; and I never would have considered doing tai-chi.  I never would have met Master Ou.

Master Ou took a virtual sledgehammer to my head and bashed my skull in.  “Feel that?  THAT is what the energy feels like.”  The word “healer” is a misnomer.  He’s not a healer, he’s a demonstrator.  He has the ability to SHOW people the energy that’s within them.  Today the world seems to have more vivid colors, more texture and more softness than I can ever remember.  I have my cancer, Master Ou, and everyone in between to thank.

13 Responses to “Master Ou”

  1. Tawny said

    What a beautiful post, thanks for sharing it with us. I often thought Tai Chi was very subtle and therefore not relevant (somehow) but this is an amazing experience. Do you think that you would have ever reached this state of awakeness by yourself, or do you think it needed someone or something to activate it for you??

  2. Jane said

    Hi, Tawny. Dunno… I think with persistence and trust you can reach these feelings on your own. The biggest problem for me, and for a lot of people I think, is that we live in a world of instant results. If we’re REEAAALLY patient, we might give something a month or two and then we’ll give up. I think it all ties in to how much you really believe there’s something there and how much you’re willing to go on pure trust that your time investment will pay off in the end.

    I don’t really believe I’ve reached any state of awakeness. I’m thinking that what’s happened is that Master Ou has shown me the proof that there IS something there, and that my time investment, should I choose to make it, WILL be paid off in the end.

  3. Tawny said

    Yes, I actually have been going through something like this recently, going round and round in circles, getting stuck in the mud, wondering how I can ‘realise’ or ‘release’ this energy within me. A typical western attitude isn’t it?
    I wrote about it recently – “my indigo hands” and strangely enough, healing with energy work has been one thing coming through to me very strongly recently.
    You really have inspired me through this post – thanks.
    Another of our Synchronicities – along with the skiing 😉

  4. You kill me. Such a thoughtful, interesting post, and then WHAM, the comment about your dog. I think I may have cracked a rib laughing.

  5. Jane said

    Hal, thanks for reading this! I was wondering if anyone would catch that bit of local color 😀

  6. Tawny said

    The dog actually was the best bit

  7. Jane said

    Tawny: It was! 🙂

  8. Mike said

    Damn dog.

    Now I will have to research Tai Chi. If I can
    spell it. I need some tingly things going on.

  9. Tawny said

    How are you feeling now? are you still energized? Practising your tai chi? Fascinated to know how it is all going for you after this wonderful experience.

  10. Jane said

    Tai-chi has taken a turn for the better since that healing experience — not in a dramatic way, but it’s much more of a state of being now than just a set of movements. I’ve been going a lot slower, and also thinking about each move — the positioning, weight, specific turning of my hips, etc. in each part of the move. Also paying a LOT more attention to the energies. I have a fantastic teacher. I love how attentive and very detailed she is. I’m looking foward to the Sunday workshop that the healer is having, and learning all about that.

    I’m still not sure how far to take this…. but I guess as long as it’s feeling natural and good, I’ll keep with it. I’d love to try to learn how to get that tremendous energy flow activated on my own. I can see how something like that MUST have some sort of physical affect on one’s health. I’m losing faith that we westerners have all of the answers. I’ve been to too many doctors to know that western medicine spends too much time being reactive and not enough time being proactive. There’s something VERY wrong with that picture.

  11. damyantig said

    Wow, what a post. This one hit me with the force of a sledgehammer. You will realize why if you head over to the post I did today.

    Wishing you all kinds of positive energies.

    And if you don’t mind, can you tell me where you go for your tai-chi lessons? I want to join this year, and want to know what to look out for.

  12. […] read this post yesterday, it inspired me hugely: and it again brings home the fact that it all starts with energy and movement – from whatever […]

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