When I get a compliment from my grammar teacher I find myself basking in pure joy for days.  It’s illogical that a tiny compliment over 100 words could cause such a reaction.  It gives me pause to think about what sort of a person I am and why I react so.  I find that I’m irrationally overjoyed at receiving a compliment and overwhelmingly crushed when I see or hear anything that make me think my writing isn’t wonderful.

I have to always keep in mind that my writing is the venue.  It’s the medium by which I express.  The thing that’s inside of me that’s special is still there whether the writing sucks or not.  I have something to say to the world that I could never say otherwise.  I have to remember that it’s the pen that I’m training, not my soul.

I need to keep myself driven to practice, learn, listen, be more mindful of the world around me, and continue to be focused on “just doing it” and not getting my being and the quality of my writing confused.