They took the last writing idea left on earth :)

February 1, 2008

I had to laugh at myself last night.  Our homework was to write 100 words about three people (using the various incantations of pronouns that we’d learned in the lesson).  They had an example story.  I read the story and the very first reaction I had was “goddammit, they took the only idea left on earth, now what am I supposed to use!”.

I thought about it and came up with an idea or two, and then woke up this morning with two more ideas, and then finally settled in on a story about two students fussing about doing this very assignment and their teacher.

Serendipity is the writer’s friend 🙂


One Response to “They took the last writing idea left on earth :)”

  1. Ned said

    It’s when you have no idea that an idea shows up. I wish it were nice and logical, that way it would sound like a job and not an excuse.

    Usually, I get up in the morning and there is one just waiting there for me, like a baby on a doorstep.

    Time to feed kid, change diapers. 😉

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