Engineer……? or Writer?….. or lazy?

January 16, 2008

Today I came into work and told myself “maybe I can’t write…. maybe I should just stick to being an engineer”. The prospect of breaking out of this “I’m an engineer” mentality is hugely daunting. OTOH, I think about something I just wrote recently. I feel as though I have a secret twin, or a missing arm. There’s something or someone within me that hasn’t been allowed to surface yet, and that bothers me.

 Do we all have “greatness”?  I’m not talking about being “very good” at something, I’m talking about true greatness — the ability to be truly exceptional at something.  The optimist in me says that every single person has greatness in them….  not just mediocrity, not just middle-of-the-pack, but true greatness.  But most of us are so shaped by their background — parents, friends, environment, circumstances — that as they grow older they fill up their minds with more and more “cruft” and that true gift gets buried somewhere so as to be totally inaccessible.  So if the optimist in me is right…  then that gift in me lies there, waiting to be found.  I just need to peel away the cruft, one minute molecule after another…..  until I reach it. 


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